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“Where the f*** have I been to have missed this group emerging that does EVERYTHING I LOVE?! It’s f***ing brilliant! There are so many beautiful things to say about this group…I love it!” – Greg Lawson, GRIT Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Kinnaris: a mythological, traditional symbol of feminine grace and accomplishment, a celestial musician, depicted as half-woman, half-bird, renowned for her music, song, dance and poetry.

A serendipity, perhaps, that Kinnaris Quintet’s release comes as gender differences in folk music are highly debated; this brand new, five-strong band of vigorous, driving, high-spirited musicians, just happen to be all females.

Fiona MacAskill (fiddle), Laura Wilkie (fiddle), Aileen (Reid) Gobbi (5 string fiddle), Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin) and Jenn Butterworth (guitar) collectively make ‘Kinnaris Quintet’.

Between them they have performed with Shooglenifty, Fiddler’s Bid, Niteworks, The Shee, Salsa Celtica, Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson Band, Fat-Suit, Songs Of Separation and Phil Cunningham to name but a few…

Living in Glasgow has brought these 5 musicians together and what makes Kinnaris Quintet’s dynamic and compelling sound is the marriage of their diverse musical backgrounds, influences and styles.

Meddling between new compositions, traditional Scottish and Irish, Bluegrass, Old-Time and Classical music, their musical styles form a sound which is uplifting, honest and powerful.

“It was an absolute delight to present one of the first shows for Kinnaris Quintet at Underneath the Stars Festival. They seem to have immediately struck up something that many musicians and bands spend years trying to achieve and still never accomplish – a fresh new sound and style which is theirs alone, full of drive, passion and beauty delivered with fine technical skill and good taste.” – Joe Rusby, Festival Director of Underneath The Stars Festival

“I was thrilled to introduce this band to the stage at the Underneath the Stars Festival. Having already caught their performance at Celtic Connections’ Whisky Festival, once again I witnessed a stunning set! Kinnaris Quintet deliver beautifully crafted and powerful arrangements with exquisite musicianship – power to the Ladies!” – Leila Cooper (Festival Director, Moonbeams Festival)


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